We all need feedback. Who better to give it than our teammates?

frequent meaningful feedback for the whole team

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agile performance management


The drive for business agility is creating working environments where teams have greater autonomy and are increasingly self-managing


agile performance management


Highly skilled teams are immensely valuable, but also costly. As every individual is critical to team success, it is vital that people are engaged and performing well together


agile performance management


Traditional performance reviews are ineffective and can be detrimental to team performance. The team-centric nature of Agile creates an opportunity to do something better


agile feedback for teams

TeamSense is a way for everyone in the team to get frequent meaningful feedback

agile performance management

inclusive and fair

Feedback is exchanged by everyone in the team. Multiple perspectives eliminate bias. All team members are treated equally. Performance becomes a team responsibility rather than the responsibility of just one person.

agile performance management

agile performance management

frequent and meaningful

Exchanging ratings is lightweight and fast, so it can be done often. Ratings give context for carefully formulated recognitions and recommendations. Together these provide frequent meaningful feedback, that helps people to be more aware of their behaviours and develop their competencies.

agile performance management

agreement and conversation

TeamSense begins conversations around the competencies that matter to the team. It develops a greater awareness and understanding of these competencies and team member behaviours. These coaching conversations help to keep teams productive and healthy.

agile performance management

agile performance management

confidential and anonymous

Participants have full control over who can see their ratings and feedback. All team views are carefully anonymised. Holding this information securely outside your organisation ensures that it can only be used for personal and team development. All this creates a safe environment in which people can be honest with each other.

growth and performance

TeamSense is the team's feedback tool, it helps people grow and teams perform